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In this section you can  learn how to join AWS, support AWS, register to receive updates and information about AWS and participate in public consultations. These are accessible using the links on the left side of this page.

Join AWS

Multi-stakeholder participation is at the heart of water stewardship. Membership of AWS offers a platform to share and learn from experiences, and to work collaboratively to promote sustainable water use. Organizations may join as associate or full members, each with different benefits and prices. Fees are designed to be affordable for organizations from both developed and developing countries. 

Key benefits of AWS membership

Extend your influence
Backed by many of the world's leading organizations, and drawing on a network of regional partners, AWS offers real influence on water stewardship globally and in your region.
Access unique knowledge
AWS members benefit from discounted training that is tailored for your needs and exclusive access to webinars and events.
Engage diverse stakeholders
AWS's multi-stakeholder membership provides a dedicated platform for sharing water stewardship knowledge and building partnerships with organizations from all sectors.
Enhance your profile
Membership of the world's premier forum for water stewardship allows you to demonstrate your commitment to promoting equitable and sustainable water use.
Design the future
As AWS's highest decision-making body, members will collectively shape the future direction of the AWS Standard system.

AWS will be governed by its members, reflecting the multi-stakeholder participation that is at the heart of water stewardship. Membership is open to all sectors, providing a unique opportunity to shape AWS’s flagship product – the AWS Standard.

Members will also have access to webinars, exclusive events and discounted training.

A diversity of participation with a balanced governance structure helps to ensure a system that is democratic, inclusive and representative of our shared water challenges.

AWS’s network of regional partners enables members to join at either a regional or international level, and still access the best and latest thinking on water stewardship. Please use the links of the right to access more detailed information on AWS membership.


Support AWS

As we roll out the AWS system, there are numerous opportunities to support the future development of AWS and water stewardship, either through funding or in-kind contributions. Options include

  • Pilot testing the AWS Standard, for example within your business or with supply chain or investment partners.
  • Providing technical support to companies applying the AWS Standard
  • Strengthening AWS engagement in your region
  • Hosting events to promote water stewardship, for example within a specific industry sector
  • Strengthening the capacity of the AWS Secretariat through in-kind technical assistance or consulting.

If you are interested in strengthening the impact of water stewardship, please get in touch at info-at-allianceforwaterstewardship-dot-org


There are no public consultations active at the moment. Please sign up to our newsletter to ensure you receive notification of future consultations.


Register interest

Join us as we work together to establish a water stewardship program to recognize and reward water management and usage that is socially and economically beneficial as well as environmentally sustainable.

Join our database and receive regular updates via our e-newsletter.
Learn more about supporting the Alliance. Send us your details and a member of the Alliance team will make contact to discuss how you might get involved.

For general enquiries about AWS, please contact us by email at info-at-allianceforwaterstewardship-dot-org

Individual members of the AWS secretariat can be contacted using the following links. 

Adrian Sym, Executive Director - email Adrian

Alexis Morgan, Global Water Roundtable Coordintor - email Alexis

Nicole Tanner, Assistant Global Water Roudtable Coordinator - email Nicole

Lisa Downes, North America Regional Coordinator - email Lisa

Ricardo Monsivais, Regional Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean - email Ricardo

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